Quinoa and red pepper sauce

Happy accident. That’s what I’d like to call this meal prep. Wanted to make ratatouille, but zucchinis were expensive and no eggplant in sight. Therefore, I bring to you : the weird yet surprisingly good red pepper sauce. I’m not mad at it.

Year round pasta salad

I’m happy only two months in a year. Those two months are July and August. You want to know why ? Because it’s tomato season. Everything is pointless, only eating as much as possible of this God given fruit is what matters. Therefore, salads the rest of the year is very depressing, but I’ve found

Winter couscous salad

2°C outside doesn’t mean you have to stop making cold meals for your work lunch ! Winter is full of awesome fruit and vegetable (sorry tomato, you’re not invited to the party). Here’s how to make a quick and flavorful couscous salad.

The only soup recipe you need in your life

There’s one thing you need to know about me. I’m obsess with soup. When it’s finally October, the madness begins and it’s soup everyday  – don’t care if it’s 20°C outside. Actually, I’m drinking soup while writing this. The recipe I’m giving you today is  family recipe and only require 3 ingredients.

Vegan fried rice

Easy vegan fried rice

Today we’re doing a very easy vegan fried rice full of flavor. Great for week night dinners, it requires very few ingredients and take less than 30 minutes to make.